Alliance Sample Policy and Legislative Platform Interactive Resource

This resource of sample policy and legislative platform language provides a range of options for local health departments seeking to integrate health promoting policies into their jurisdiction’s legislative platform and community health improvement planning efforts. Topic areas identified support and advance the Public Health Alliance of Southern California priority initiative areas. Sample language is drawn upon evidence-informed, federal, state and local best practices accompanied by references and resources. Development of policy and policy recommendations is part of Public Health’s Essential Health Services as defined by the American Public Health Association 2014.
Disclaimer: Contents of this resource are not intended to reflect positions of Alliance members.

Table of Contents

Click the headings below to see a list of policy groups that fall within the topic area. Clicking on a policy group will bring you to a landing page with the full list of suggested policies, along with references and resources for each. Click on the [PDF] links to download a printable copy of each sample policy section.

Download a copy of the full Alliance Legislative and Policy Resource document here: [PDF].

Healthy Transportation and Land Use Strategies

Healthy Food Systems

Data Strategies

Equity/Opportunities for All

Climate and Health

Public Health and Prevention Infrastructure