HDI 1.1 Data Files

Files for Immediate Use

HDI v1.1 Portable Data File [XLS, 18MB] - Package of all HDI v1.1 scores per census tract in Excel workbook format. In addition to the scores, this file includes basic information on the HDI and definitions for each indicator used in the score.

HDI v1.1 Map Shape File [ZIP, 8MB] - Shape file of the HDI v1.1 joined to 2010 Census Tracts. For use with any mapping application that supports shape files.

Files for Score Replication

HDI v1.1 Source Data Files [ZIP, 158MB] - All (1) raw source data files and (2) cleaned and formatted data files. Includes CSVs of both individual and combined indicator scores per census tract.

HDI v1.1 R Program Files [ZIP, <1 MB] - These files will generate the HDI v1.1 scores from source data tables (available above). For use with the free, open-source R statistical software package.