Healthy Food Systems – Food Waste Reduction Initiative

The Alliance's Healthy Food Systems Work is currently focused on Food Waste Reduction. 40% of food in America is wasted – creating greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change, and wasting the water, energy and labor used to produce the food. Reducing food waste by one-third could serve all 6 million Californians who are food insecure.

When: The Healthy Food Systems Work Group meets quarterly. Contact Stephanie Caldwell for more detail, or click here for more information about the group.

Food Waste Prevention Initiative

The Alliance’s Food Waste Prevention Initiative works to reduce food waste, improve nutrition, and mitigate negative environmental impacts of food waste through a three-pronged strategy in alignment with the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy.

Campaigns, policies, and activities  


Regulatory support for food donation


Making full use of food scraps

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Previous Initiatives

2015 - Drought Climate and the Food We Eat

In 2015 the Alliance investigated issues related to nutrition and the California drought, and the connection between water security and food security. 

2014 - Chronic Disease and Environmental Health Webinar Series

Over the course of 2014 the Public Health Alliance sponsored a series of webinars discussing partnerships between Environmental Health and Chronic Disease Prevention.

2013 - Roadmap & Procurement Resources

In 2013 the Healthy Food Systems Work Group developed the Roadmap to Healthy Local Food Systems and explored procurement policies across the region as a toll for collective action to build demand for healthy locally sourced food while increasing the availability of nutritious food served in government agencies and institutions.