2.18.14 Environmental Health & Chronic Disease Prevention (Call 1)

Partnering for Healthier Communities

Call 1 in a 6-month series (Feb-July 2014)

Featuring Angelo J. Bellomo, REHS, QEP
Director of Environmental Health, Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health
CCDEH (California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health) Executive Board Member

On February 18, 2014, the Healthy Food Systems Working Group hosted the exciting launch of a collaboration between the fields of environmental health and chronic disease prevention. In this call, Angelo Bellomo spoke about the urgent opportunity to partner with public health to address preparedness, sustainability, and healthy communities within a new paradigm for environmental health.

The call was attended by more than 50 people, including environmental health directors and managers from Public Health Alliance of Southern California member jurisdictions and CCDEH leaders from throughout the state.

Presentation slides: Feb 18 2014 EH+CD Presentation

Presentation on YouTube: http://youtu.be/jz8u7apzEk0