3.18.14 Environmental Health & Chronic Disease Prevention (Call 2)

Environmental Health & Local Food Access

Call 2 in a 6-month series (Feb-July 2014)

Featuring Justin Malan
Executive Director, California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) / California Association of Environmental Health Administrators (CAEHA)

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On March 18, 2014, the Healthy Food Systems Working Group hosted the second in our series of webinars and discussions seeking to align the work of environmental health and chronic disease prevention to create healthy communities.

In this call, Justin Malan described CCDEH leaders’ efforts to reconsider environmental health practice as it relates to food supply “safety, security and sustainability” and particularly how it impacts access to locally grown food. He described recent and pending legislation aimed at creating different tiers of regulation for different levels of potential public health risks.  This discussion included the urban gardens bill, AB 1990, introduced in February 2014.

Outcomes from a joint Environmental Health and Chronic Disease Prevention leadership discussion on March 14 in Los Angeles were also shared in a brief report-out. Potential future areas for collaboration and discussion that were identified in this meeting are listed on these slides:
3-14-14 EH and CD Meeting Follow Up.

Presentation slides: March 18 2014 EH & Food Presentation

Presentation on YouTube: http://youtu.be/lvOysmHtr8U