4.15.14 Environmental Health & Chronic Disease Prevention (Call 3)

Farm-to-School Salad Bars: Safe & Healthy Local Food

Call 3 in a 6-month series (Feb-July 2014)

Featuring Rodney K. Taylor
Director of Nutrition Services, Riverside Unified School District and Member of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture

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On April 15, 2014, the Healthy Food Systems Working Group hosted the third in our series of webinars and discussions seeking to align the work of environmental health and chronic disease prevention to create healthy communities.

In this webinar, we learned from Rodney Taylor’s pioneering work to bring farm-fresh produce into school salad bars in Santa Monica and Riverside. Launched in 2005, the Riverside Unified School District Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program now provides salad bars with locally grown produce in 30 elementary schools.

Mr. Taylor talked about the many benefits of this program and some of its key components. Food safety considerations were discussed further in comments by Keith Jones, Deputy Director of the Riverside County Dept. of Environmental Health, and in the Q&A period.

For more information about the RUSD Farmers’ Market Salad Bar Program, see the Center TRT evaluation of the program which has lots of great details: http://centertrt.org/?a=intervention&id=1101.

Presentation slides: April 15 2014 EH & Food Presentation

Webinar recording on YouTube: http://youtu.be/L-fc8AwT-vE