5.20.14 Environmental Health & Chronic Disease Prevention (Call 4)

Healthy Neighborhood Markets

Call 4 in a 6-month series (Feb-July 2014)

Cover-May 20 Alliance and EH Combined Presentations


Clare Fox, Director of Policy and Innovation, Los Angeles Food Policy Council, James Dragan, R.E.H.S., Chief Environmental Health Specialist, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and Daniel Tellalian, Principal, Emerging Markets, Inc.

On May 20, 2014, the Healthy Food Systems Working Group hosted the fourth in our series of webinars and discussions seeking to align the work of environmental health and chronic disease prevention to create healthy communities.

This webinar featured a three-part discussion of how the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, Los Angeles Department of Public Health, and financial organizations are partnering to help neighborhood markets and convenience stores expand their offerings to include more healthful choices.

Ms. Fox discussed the LA Food Policy Council’s development of a Healthy Neighborhood Market Network, through which store owners can connect with technical assistance and the knowledge base of other owners as they work to expand healthful offerings in their stores. For more information, please see the LAFPC Neighborhood Market Network web page.

Mr. Dragan discussed the collaborative role that LADPH’s Environmental Health division has played in facilitating this effort, and the increasingly proactive role that environmental health is taking in advancing healthy options.

Mr. Tellalian discussed the CalFresh fund, and its work to finance healthier choices in Southern California.  His organization, Emerging Markets Inc., is seeking to provide financing for neighborhood market retrofit to accommodate healthy choices in conjunction with local partners.  For more information please visit: http://emergingmarkets.us/

Presentation slides: Healthy Neighborhood Markets 5-20-14 Combined Presentation

Webinar recording on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWy-bzLhTM