EH Call 6

Collaborating for a Healthy San Diego Food System
Webinar and Discussion | Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Call 6 in a 8-month series (Feb-September 2014)


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Pozzebon Billups-08-18-2014


Elizabeth A. Pozzebon, MS, REHS, Director, San Diego County Department of Environmental Health

Naomi Billups, Public Health Nutrition Manager, County of San Diego of Health and Human Services Agency

Please join the sixth in our series of webinars and discussions seeking to align the work of environmental health and chronic disease prevention to create healthy communities.

This webinar will focus on how collaborative efforts between the Department of Environmental Health and the Health and Human Services Agency in the County of San Diego are advancing a healthier food system. Innovative strategies that will be presented on this call include:

– Supporting ‘garden to cafeteria’ efforts by streamlining school garden approved source certification

– Food systems improvements in the Department of Corrections

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