Our Work: A Partnership for Healthy Places

Chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, respiratory and cancers) result in 87% of all deaths and 83% of all healthcare costs.
3 Behaviors-4 Chronic Diseases

Healthcare Costs

Key factors influencing health are:
Key Factors Influencing Health

Improving the places and conditions where people live, work and play, we support health before people get sick. This is upstream prevention. To transform the places where health begins, the Alliance advances policy, systems and environmental change. We welcome you to take action with us and join our Partnership for Healthy Places.
Social Determinants Wheel


Priority Initiative Strategies (doc) - This document provides a set of targeted strategies to advance the Alliance Priority Initiatives. References provided in the document demonstrate how each strategy is aligned with leading public health organizations and other prominent state and national organizations.

Strategies for Healthy Communities (brochure) - This document presents the Alliance Priority Initiative Strategies in a summarized, visual format.