water actions label


  • Adopt sustainable, water-friendly procurement policies
    • Adopt a “Meatless Monday” resolution
    • Reduce portion size of meat products
    • Increase vegetarian meals on menus
  • Incorporate water-friendly messaging into nutrition education initiatives by providing information on:
  • Prioritize funding for water-friendly community gardens practices
    • Give priority for funding to community gardens that incorporate water-friendly (aquaponics, greywater, composting, bug production) practices
    • Demonstrate water-friendly practices on health department grounds
  • Ensure all schools and public places have access to safe drinking water as alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages
    • Include safe-drinking water availability and infrastructure in school wellness policies
    • Collaborate with Environmental Health to assess and remediate water quality concerns
  • Support (as appropriate) federal and state policies that promote water conservation
    • Child Nutrition Reauthorization/School Food
    • Procurement policies
    • Greywater use policies
    • Water conservation
    • Funding for research
    • Funding for water-wise production