Water Crisis & Health

From drought to flooding and beyond, climate change is dramatically altering the water cycle in California, posing a looming public health crisis with many complex touch points. The Public Health Alliance’s Water Initiative supports the knowledge building and collaborative decision-making of local health departments and other leaders in responding proactively to these changes in order to protect public health.

Water Crisis & Health Webinar Series – 3 Tracks

Public Health Leadership

Water Crisis Strategies for Public Health Leaders

Environmental Health

Water, Drought & Environmental Health: Practical Applications for Mitigating Public Health Impacts

Nutrition & Food

Drought, Climate & the Food We Eat: Safeguarding Nutrition and Food Security in Dry Times

Water Crisis Facts

750,000-1.5 million Californians live in communities with contaminated wells

How can we get safe and affordable drinking water to all Californians?

The 2014 drought resulted in LOSS of $2.2 billion in ag revenue & 17,000 jobs

How can we retain healthy local food systems and communities during water crisis?

Innovative water conservation and reuse approaches are emerging

How can public health lead rather than hamper the new resilient and green infrastructure?

Water Crisis & Health Contact

Katy Mamen

Water Initiative Coordinator
Public Health Alliance
Contact: kmamen@phasocal.org