Drought, Climate and the Food We Eat: Safeguarding Nutrition and Food Security in Dry Times

A Webinar Series for Nutrition and Food System Partners

This concluded webinar series focused on the nutritional touch points of the drought. This series was targeted toward Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (NEOP) Program Directors; Chronic Disease Directors and/or lead staff; Agricultural Commissioners; Food Policy Council Leaders and others with an interest in how the drought may affect what we eat.  

Past webinars are available to view under Completed Webinars at the bottom of this page, complete with recordings, presentations, and additional resources.  

Health Department Water Checklist

The PHA SoCal webinar series on health and water issues surfaced a range of recommended actions for local health departments to address the ongoing water crisis. These were collected and compiled into an accessible set of checklists for leaders within local health departments, complete with links to supporting materials. We hope you find these useful. 

Completed Webinars

Click on each webinar title for recordings, presentations, speaker bios, and additional resources.

Webinar 6—Assessing High Opportunity Next Steps: Reconvening Leadership, Environmental Health and Nutrition

November 18, 2015, 12-1 pm
Join us for this closing webinar, where we bring together our health leadership, environmental health, and nutrition webinar tracks. We will hear from the CDC with recommendations on health department drought action and examine high leverage actions based on our webinar series.

Webinar 5—Emerging Water-Friendly Production Methods and Foods

October 20, 2015, 2-3 pm
In crisis comes innovation. Please join us as we explore emerging approaches to producing healthy foods with water stewardship in mind. We will hear about how traditional agriculture is responding to the drought through new production techniques, technologies such as hydroponics and aquaculture, and some surprising ways of producing high-quality protein using food waste and almost no water.

Webinar 4—Water Security for Community and Household Gardens and Farms

September 15, 2015, 2-3 pm
Household and community gardens are a critically important part of a healthy community's access to fresh produce, yet the water crisis poses new barriers to the viability of these food production sites. This webinar will survey the issues and barriers and discuss how health and nutrition advocates can support and promote safe and affordable local water resources for community agriculture.

Webinar 3—Our Diets and the Water Footprint of Regional Agriculture

August 18, 2015, 2-3 pm
There has been much media coverage recently about the water footprint of foods and many opinions about how that should affect what we eat. As nutrition advocates, how should we make sense of the water footprint of foods? Should we care? This webinar will explore these questions and participants will come away with a good understanding of the issues at play as well as helpful talking points.

Webinar 2—Agriculture and Drought: Implications for Food Security

July 22, 2015, 12-1 pm
Healthy regional food systems are a foundation of healthy communities, but how can we preserve local agriculture in the face of threatened water supplies? This question forms the central theme of our webinar on agriculture and water. We will hear more about the changing face of agriculture, future threats, and the host of possible health risks of drought-related agricultural changes. We will address some concrete ways health departments can support healthy agriculture in Southern California.

Webinar 1—Rethink Your Drink: Getting Safe Tap and Drinking Water into Schools and Community Places

June 16, 2015, 2-3 pm
This webinar will survey the challenges to providing safe drinking water in every school and in public places, including supply, quality and cost considerations. It will explore intersections and synergies with Rethink Your Drink campaigns, review relevant policy initiatives, and highlight opportunities to use Rethink Your Drink to leverage better drinking water access in our public places.

INTRODUCTORY WEBINAR--Water and Health 101

May 27, 2015, 12-1 pm  
This webinar will provide an overview of Southern California water sources, distribution, and use, as well as projections of what climate-related water changes we can anticipate in the future. It will provide a framework to understand the public health impacts of climate-related changes in the water cycle and discuss the role of health leaders in this rapidly changing physical and political landscape.